Solo works +/- electroacoustics

For Piano and
Metal Percussion

(2014/16) 20 min  

Roulette Intermedium, Brooklyn, NY May 8, 2017

Bracken Tongues Wept 
(2014) 20 min

piano and autonomous metal percussion and viola

Metal Work
(2011) 21 min

Composition for computer-controlled metal percussion and live performer.

Composed and performed by Matthew Goodheart

Live at the 14th Annual Music for People and Thingamajigs Festival; Vessel Gallery; Oakland, CA. September 23, 2011.

For Clarinet and
Metal Percussion

(2010) 4 min

For Bass
(2008-2009) 20 min

Richard Worn, bass; CNMAT, UC Berkeley, November, 2010

Premiere: April 20, 2009. Herz Concert Hall, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA. Richard Worn, bass