Broken Ghost Consort

Interleaving live performance and immersive electro-acoustic sound environments, matthew goodheart’s Broken Ghost Consort performs works that live in a hybrid world of composition, free improvisation, and sound installation. Foundational to the group is the use of “reembodied sound” techniques, in which gongs, cymbals, and other resonant instruments are activated using small transducers attached to their surfaces and controlled via computer, causing them to sound autonomously. Alongside these “ghost instruments,” live performers interact with written, structured, and spontaneously improvised materials in an evolving series of works that explore the nature of sound, performance, materiality, and space.

Goodheart Raskin Tarasov Trio

Matthew Goodheart, piano; Jon Raskin, sax; Vladimir Tarasov, drums

Zen Widow

Gianni Gebbia, sax; Matthew Goodheart, piano; Garth Powell, percussion

Schlotte/Goodheart Duo

In the Spring of 2005, Bonn based improvising cellist Sue Schlotte visited the US for and extended period, where she met Goodheart. The two found and immediate musical sympatico, and began working with each other regularly. They have performed numerous times in the Bay Area and throughout Germany and Switzerland, including the infamous Klappstuhl Festival in Wuppertal.


With a focus on exploiting the unique properties of each individual instrument and acoustic space, Goodheart’s long history of solo piano performance has distinguished itself with its inventive variety and technical prowess. His work has been featured in a number of internation festivals, including Jazz A Centro in Portugal, International Spectral Music Conference in Turkey, the Illuminations Art and New Music Festival in the U.S, and many others. His most recent release tenri/live – a 35 minute live performance from Köln – put out on the web label Evolving Door Music is availble on CD and for digital download.

Photo by Peter B. Karrs

background photo by Garrick Trapp