Ensemble works

For 17 Instruments
(2012) 15 min

fl/alt fl, bass cl, FH, Eb tuba, vib, 6 vln, 3 vla, 2 vc, cb
Performed by the Eco Ensemble: 
David Milnes, conductor; Stacey Pelinka, fl; Peter Josheff, bc; Alicia Telford, FH; Francis Upton, tba; Loren Mach, vib; Antoine van Dongen, Hrabba Atladottir, Dagenais Smiley, April Paik, Dan Flanagan, David Ryther, vln; Ellen Ruth Rose, Darcy Rindt, Stephanie Ng, vla; Leighton Fong, Vanessa Ruotolo, vc; Richard Worn, cb

This work involves spatialization of the instrumental choirs: for the premiere, members of the audience were invited to sit onstage in the midst of the instruments; the remainder stayed in their seats in the hall.

Eco Ensemble, Herz Hall, University of California, Berkeley, December 2012 Photo by Becky Kemper

background photo by Rebecca Goodheart

String Quartet (Study no. 5)
First Movement (2006) 5 min

Recorded by The Presidio Quartet David Ryther, Deborah Katz, vl; Victor L. Lowrie, vla; Kathryn Thompson, vc

Premiere: February 23, Berkely Arts Center; Berkeley, CA. The Presidio Quartet

micrOpera: A micro-opera in 3 acts,
dedicated to Anton Webern   (2007) 4 min

Commissioned by the sfSoundGroup for their Small Packages concert. Premiered: August 28, 2007. ODC, San Francisco, CA.