Georg Wissel sculptor of compressed air: saxophones, clarinet

Wissel made his first important experiences in Improvised music recording and touring in the late 80’s in Germany, France and South America as guest of ‘Pöhlmusik’ along with Jon Rose. Inspired by collaborations with electronic musicians, he began searching for new sounds by extended techniques and preparations, which has become an integral part of his playing.

Wissel is working internationally primarily in the field of free Improvisation, performing solo under the title “The Arte Of Navigation (and Carambolage)” and with his long term-ensembles together with Paul Lytton, Joker Nies, Tim O’Dwyer, the WISSELTANGCAMATTA, CAJLAN-WISSEL-NILLESEN and Canaries on the Pole. He is also member of Simon Rummel Ensemble and WIO (Wuppertaler Improvisations Orchester) and has been working together with numerous other exponents in Improvised and contemporary music. Wissel has appeared on various festivals in Europe, Near East, Asia and South America.